You Can, Too 

YouCan2 is your crowdfunding platform

...that's why we made things differently

Three categories - Your choice

Make your dream come true, share some goodies with your friends and let your idea become your business

be-social   Social

Support a Non-profit organization, school or foundation. Share your social engagement - easy peasy!

be-creative  Creative

You have a kickass idea? Be creative and be loved by everyone for it!

be-business  Business

Embrace your business idea with us!

Our flexibility - Your freedom

We do not want you to be restricted. That's why we can do what no one can: support you the way you really need it!


No Limits. Gather as much and as long you like. Perfect for your long term goals

  • Create a page for your club, your school, your donation campaign
  • Support those you care about for as long as you like
  • No penalties, no fees. Just simple outreach to the social internet


You goal - Your path. You decide what defines your success  

  • Set an end date and take every support you can get
  • Whether time or money does not matter. Select the target and runtime of your project
  • Your time, your money, your crowd, your success


Full flexibility in the presentation and marketing of your project

  • Create and edit your page the way you like it
  • Communicate with your supporters via YouCan2, disqus, Facebook and Twitter
  • Use more than 100 possibilities to promote your project
  • Your identity is safe with us. Every contact remains anonymous for the creator until you decide to reply

Safely comfortable

We want you to feel comfortable and let you know that every data is protected. Our supporters pay safely. And because we are consistent: No penalties, no hidden costs, and your supporters are sorely yours!

Safe and transparent

No "gating", PayPal payments and 16 days right to withdraw

  • Access to 193 Million user in 192 geographies without any headache
  • We dont put ourselves in your way. You get your money directly from your supporters 
  • Right to withdraw: As a supporter you always get 16 days to withdraw your pledge, by law. No penalties, no hidden costs. Easy as a click
  • Full control: Simply reject an unwelcome pledge within 16 days. No costs. No penalties. Real-time


With us you have everything you need and nothing you dont want

  • Create your project in less than 10 minutes. Easier than selling your cloth on eBay 
  • No artificial obstacles. Is your project legal? Good! We´ll  publish it within a few hours
  • Fair: Only our T&Cs count. We will not tell you how to create your project
  • Of course we will support you and it will be for free. That´s a promise

Free for your success

Everything stays free. Only your success matters

  • Free registration directly with YouCan2, PayPal, Facebook and Google
  • No additional costs and no snooping
  • Your success is our success. No fees for unsuccessful projects ever
  • Our support is always for free