In 5 easy steps from your idea to your successful project

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"The secret to getting ahead is getting started"

- Mark Twain


Whoop! You've chosen YouCan2 as you Crowdfunding platform of trust to shake the world with your magnificent project. But first things first: You have to register in our network on our website or you can chose between the following options:

Follow their instructions and look forward to having your YouCan2 profile soon.

2. Create a project

Now it's time to share your vision - Sign in your project. Let us know what your project is all about. Creative, Social or Business - You pick and your idea will have no boundaries. Share your main goal with the crowd. Here are some hints you shall think of when signing in your project:

- Tell us your story. How came you up with your idea?
- Share a description of your idea explaining your story behind your project and why you need support
- Provide the crowd with high quality pictures and video material
- Reward the crowd - What are your goodies for them?
- What's your plan and your schedule?
- Say thank you! :)

3. You signed in your project. What´s next?

HURRAY! Congratulations. You've made it. You have signed in your project. Check on the preview how it looks and make some adjustments if desired. As soon as it is done click on “publish” and let the magic happens. Your project will be send in for approval in regards of our terms and conditions. We will get in touch with you with the info if everything is in shape and has been published or if your project still needs some makeover.
Don't forget to link your Paypal and/or Mangopay Account with YouCan2, so that the crowd can start to support you instantly.

4. Cool! Your project has been published

Enjoy your project and think of adding a version in another language?
Make some updates and post them on YouCan2 that we will forward to the crowd. Updates are helpful to track the development of your project. They might convince also their friends, who might be happy to support you too.
Publishing an update is easy: Click on “Edit” and fill in the news and post some new pics.

5. Share and network

Share your project! The more people see you, the more are glad to support. If you are in the Berlin area, we can meet up, we can make a short video together or take pictures to create some nice Blogpost. We will share it on social media and in our newsletter. The more people see it, the better!

But what if... You have more questions?

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowd funding is a new way to finance your Ideas with pledges from people around the world. Projects on YouCan2 either have a fixed goal, that needs to be reached in a set time, or, if it’s a social project, can go without a goal or even a set time (more information in the text below). In other words funding on YouCan2 is either all-or-nothing for BeCreative and BeBusiness or ‘get as much as you can’ for BeSocial. This means that the set goal of the project needs to be reached in the set time for BeCreative and BeBusiness, or you just raise continuously money under BeSocial, with no set goal and with or without a fixed funding period.

For a campaign with a set funding goal that couldn’t be reached in the funding period (actual funded amount is less than the minimum funding goal), no money is going to be transferred from backers (or supporters of the project) to the mover (creator of the project). In this case no cost will occur to neither your supporters or to you as the mover.
As a payment service we use PayPal. By using PayPal, we are able to accept all common credit cards and bank accounts (through your PayPal account). By using PayPal, we are enabling pledges and support for your projects and campaigns by all common payment methods and, at the same time, can grant maximum security for your payments.

Finally, you as a Supporter can pledge and support projects in a simple way and almost instantly from any device at any place.

How do I create a profile?

There are four different ways to sign up with YouCan2.

Login and Registration via PayPal

One of the fastest ways to register is via PayPal. As with Facebook and Google your registration is a simple "couple of clicks" process.

In order to pledge for projects or to create them on YouCan2, you do need a PayPal account as this is the payments service that is utilized. If you don’t have one yet, just go to and create your personal account. If you chose one of the other login methods, you can put in your PayPal information later as well under “edit profile”. 

If you already have a PayPal account you can use it to register directly with Simply click on "Login with PayPal"  and you are all set!

Login and registration with Facebook

In order to log in via Facebook you need to press the button “Login with Facebook”. You can find that button in the login menu. You will then be redirected to Facebook where you have to sign in to YouCan2 with your facebook credentials.

We will only ask for information to be able to contact you. No other information will be collected from your facebook account.

Login and registration with Google

In order to log in via Google, you need to press the button “Login with Google”. You can find that button in the login menu. You will then be redirected to Google+ where you have to sign in to YouCan2 with your google credentials.

As usual we will only ask for information to be able to contact you. No other information will be collected from your google account.

Direct registration with

If you want to access YouCan2 directly with a YouCan2 Account, you need to go to the login menu and type in your basic information in the text boxes right under “Sign Up”, where you have give us basic information like your email, the password you want to use and the login name (“login account”) that you want to choose..

After you are logged in the, first thing you should do is taking care of your profile. Type in your personal information, add a nice picture of you and write a short bio about yourself.

This will help your backers and supporters to get more information about you and your experiences, skills and competencies.

Remember, you are asking people to support your financially. This will help them to know you better and build trust and confidence in you as the Mover of a project.

! Important

Make sure your PayPal account has been verified, as you might not be able to send or recieve payments to your project.

If you wish to start a project that requires a funding of more than €2500  (Which is the default maximum value for PayPal customers), then you need to ask for a raise of that limit at

Which project category shall I chose?

First, select the right category for your project. On we differ between 3 main categories:

be-social   Social

The Social category is for donation-based campaigns, foundations or charities. Social projects don’t need a minimum funding goal that needs to be reached as well as they can be open in time, means funding can go forever whenever a backer is going to donate. The money that’s pledged or donated by your backers will go right away into your project.

be-creative  Creative

The Creative category is meant for creative or technology projects like i.e. creating a movie or a CD, creating a photo book, funding a music or dance event, building a new product in different technologies. Creative projects usually have a minimum funding goal as well as a funding period. As part of the project you will be creating pledges which your backer get in exchange to the money they spend. In other words you are selling your products, tickets, CDs etc that you are going to create to your backers. The choice is yours which funding method you want to use.

be-business  Business

Within the Business category, you raise a fund by taking a credit from the crowd of your backers and supporters . Your backers in exchange will receive a fixed interest rate gain of their pledged funds plus a share of the profits or growth that your company or startup achieves over the years.
In order to raise funds for a BeBusiness project, you are required to share your business plan with your audience of potential supporters as this is a crucial part of the return of Investment for the pledges.  

  • There is no funding limit according to German law (yet)
  • Pledges und Rewards für Business should start  with a minimum of 250€
  • Business should also have a maximum limit to cap the amount of funding your company is ready to take.

Please contact us at  "Contact us" if you wish to start a business project.

Now that you have chosen the right category, let’s start to work on your project. Click on the CREATE button next to the YouCan logo.

What is a good project all about?

There are a couple of important things that you should know while creating your project.

  • While working on your project you can always see the relevant preview to the right of the input fields, which gives you a good glimpse what your project will look like once published.
  • Everything you do is automatically saved into a draft and you can revisit your draft any time later to continue your editing.
  • Once you have finished your project click on the publish button. This does not mean your project will go live instantly. We need to take a look at it and will either reply to you with some constructive feedback or publish it right away if it is inline with out T&Cs.

I need help with the basics?

Project Image

Your project image is important, as this is how you are going to be presented to your backers on YouCan2. Chose an image that represents your project well and that attracts your potential supporters on YouCan2. Please avoid banners that overly advertise your project or discounts on it on your picture. Remember your image is probably the first thing people are going to look at, and if it catches their interest, they are going to take a closer look on your project and may pledge for it.

Projekt Name

Your project name should be simple, specific and easy to remember. It should still raise the interest of the reader. If your project image acts as the eye catcher, your title should lead the potential backers to take a closer look at your project.

Projekt Category

As discussed before now you should chose what main category your project should belong to:

  be-creative, be-creative or   be-business .

If you are not sure, have a look at the descriptions above.


You now need to find the right subcategory for your project. The subcategory makes it easier for potential backers to find your project but also for people searching for interesting campaigns in sub categories. Just choose the right one for your project from the following:

Art, Fashion, Dance, Green, Film/Video, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Sport, Technology, Ecology, Community, Association, School and Kindergarden and Universities.

What is a good description?

Projekt Title

Your Project title should be short, simple and easy to understand. It should be a little more detailed and reveal more information about your project then the project name.

Short Summary

The short summary will appear right under your project title and in your project window that your backers are going to see. It should summarize your project and the idea behind it in a few words. You short summary is the best way to tell your audience what your project is about.


One of the first things potential backers usually do when they click on a project is view your video. A video is a great chance for you to show your motivation as well as it demonstrates your commitment and dedication. Videos are also an ideal way of promoting your products or services by showing your animated prototypes, services, games, apps and software, events and locations or short trailers and teasers of your music or movie.

Including a video creates trust a lot of trust and it shows, that you have put some effort into preparing for your project. Dont't forget your supporters are you customers. Note that projects with a video have a much higher success rate than those without.

Even you just talking about your idea will give people a better insight to what you are planning to create. No matter how creative or simple your video is going to be, we recommend it should always include the following:

  • Who are you?
  • How did you get your idea for the project?
  • Why do you need the crowd to support you and how are you going to use the funding?
  • If you have rewards (you should!), show samples, drawings of your product and give it a short but concise explanation.
  • Don't forget to say thanks :)


Don’t put any copyrighted music in your videos without permission! Sites with music that you can use are:

SoundCloudVimeoFree Music Archiveccmixter

To add your video to your project, do upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and copy and paste the link into the box with the description “Project Video”.

Description – Summary of your project

If you click on the button “Summary of your project” a window opens up. This is where you type your text. Your summary should now describe your project detailed and specific. Include what you are doing, where the pledged money is going and what the rewards are going to be. By using copy and paste or by clicking on the blue button “Select an image file” you can add pictures to your text.

Project Details - Detailed description of your project

If you click on the button “Detailed description” a window opens up. This is where you type your text. Your detailed description should now include everything a potential backer needs to know. For example how you got the idea for your project or product, how you developed, how your project or product is going to help people who support. Your description should also include technical features if there are any. Make sure your text is written clear, is easy to understand and well structured. It often helps if you support your text with pictures related to your project. You can add the pictures via copy and paste or if you press on the “Selecta an image file” button.

Project Team

The project team text box is where you describe your team and everyone who is involved in the project, who they are and what their part in the project is. It’s always good if you add a picture of the team because if potential backer see the faces of the people involved, they can relate better to you and your backers get more confidence into you and your team.

Possible Risks

If you think there are any risks why your project might not be able to work or why for example the delivery of the reward could be delayed, just describe it here. It makes your project more transparent and therefore trustworthier.

Which targets and timeframe shall I chose?

Now is the time where you have to set your goal (i.e. minimum funding limit you want to reach) and your timeframe for the funding period. Finally the choice is all yours how to set this up. Flexibilty!

There are two groups of fields to define your targets. Those can be used together or left alone:

  1. Target and currency: This is the amount of money you wish to collect
  2. Timeframe: These fields define how you wish to reach your target.


If you are looking to collect a certain amount to get your make your project successful, you will need to fill in those fields. Take some time to think how much money you would actually need. Consider the size of your adience, how well can you market your campaign, etc. If however you just wish to see how much money you can collect for the idea, or you dont have a specific target. Leave this field blank. For Social projects we recommend to ignore this field and just define the currency. This will allow you to collect money for an unlimited period.


In the next three fields you can define the timeframe of your campaign.  

Project Starts: In this field you define when your project should be open for funding. You can leave this field blank to open it um immidiately or set a date in the future to pre-market your campaign before the period will start.

It might help to set the project start to a later day for limited timeframe projects to use the time for marketing your campaign.

Expires/Duration : In this fields you define the duration of your project, you can set it to a limited amount of days or set a final freeze date of your campain. You can leave these fields empty for an unlimited campaign duration.

Take your time to think about it. grants you full flexibility to define the targets of your campaign. However you should use them wisely. Take your time to think about how, how much and when you need your financial support. Here are some guidelines:

Social:  This project category is usually running over an extended period of time and do not have a fixed target. Leave the timeframe fields empty and define a target or leave the target blank to use as a platform for your organizations' support.

Creative:   This is all about your idea, event or project.  You should define your target clearly, give your campaign some time before the funding period and if possible set a clear time frame to let your supporters know when you are ready to roll.

Business: We recommend you to contact us for this category and use our free  consulting. We will help you with your business plan and possible risk as well as the projected ROI. 

What is a reward?

Rewards are what backers receive in exchange to their financial pledges. Creative and fairly priced rewards have huge importance on the successful of your project. If your rewards are overpriced, it’s going to be hard to find supporters for your project. Look at other successful projects on how they built their rewards. Be creative and give options, bundle and package. This is like building a shop.

Creating rewards for your project in YouCan2 is easy, though. Just click in the rewards menu “Add a reward”. Then you have to set the amount or the price this reward is going to cost and give it a short title that describes the reward well. Finally you have to give a detailed description of the reward in the text box called “Reward description”. Make sure that the description makes clear what the backer gets for his support and if shipping is included or not.

On YouCan2 you also have the chance to limit rewards to a certain number for limited editions or if your recourses are limited. Limited editions create momentum and can help you to get more backers but watch out if you limit them too much you might lose backers who wanted to support your project but can’t because your reward is limited.

What to offer as rewards?

The main rewards that you offer should be things created by your project. For example if your project is making a movie, a reward can be a early bird copy of the DVD once the film is ready, a directors cut DVD limited edition etc. Rewards are important for you project because with them backers profit from the project an that’s what they get back for the financial pledge.a

Typical rewards on YouCan2 are:

  1. (A copy of) Your product : The actual product you are trying to create.
  2. Collaborations: Your supporter get a clear role to collaborate on your idea, add features or get a VIP access.
  3. Memories: Pictures sent from the location, appearance in the credits or other meaningful things.
  4. Creative Experiences:  A private performance, a visit to the set, access to the launch party 

Finding the right price

If it comes to pricing the rewards, the first question you should ask yourself is: “Would you personally buy that reward?” If the answer is yes your pricing is right, if its no, the reward is most likely overpriced.

Small rewards really push your project! Projects that have rewards which are below the 20$ mark are more likely to succeed then projects with only higher priced rewards.

Create rewards with a value! Value here doesn’t just mean the list pricing of the product but personal value. Great ideas are limited editions, signed copies, director’s cuts or one-of-a-kind-experiences.

Note: On there will always be a DONATE button on any project created automatically, even if you set a projet with minimum funding and funding period. SO there is no need to #create# a reward for non rewards donations.

Project Preview

You've done it!

You created your own project. The preview shows how your project is going to look on YouCan2. If you don’t like what you see, you can always go back to one of the earlier steps by clicking on the step on the bar on top of the page. If you like what you see press the button “It’s final - Please publish” and the project is going to be sent to our staff team members for. We will then review and check whether your projects fits our guidelines. You will automatically get an email if and when your project has been approved and published by us.

Note: Dont't forget to confirm your PayPal so that people are able to financially support your campaign.

How do I create an update?

Project udpates are a great way to inform your supporters about the progress of your project. Communicate actively and regulary. Keep everyone posted, say thanks, show new prototypes, etc.

Once you have published your project, your supporters will be notified automatically about any updates. It is a great way to engage and help accelerate the marketing of your campaign. Get people to talk about what you do.

Creating an update is very easy. Simply open your project, click on the add Update button and write away. If an update is significant it might make sense to add it to your general project description as well. Once you are done submit the update for publishing as you have done with your project in the first place.

You should also the share buttons on the top of the page to share your update and campaign everytime there is anything new. This way you can reach your supporters on various channels much easier. Keep your customer engaged and informed!

Can I publish my project multilingual?

YouCan2 is mutlilingual so should be your project. This will help you to reach wider audiences with different language. Language selection for visitors and supporter is defined by their browser settings. 

If you are creating your project for the first time you will need to set a main language for your project. If will help us to understand what language to fall back to, if your supporter is browsing for another version.

Don't worry:

Even if you have only defined one language we will always show your project to any prospect in the default language.

Once you have created your master project or if you already have one, you can add an other language with a simple click. Scroll down to the project you wish to localize and click on the language you wish to add.

Now you can teach your project another language. You will see we have copied all the relevant information from your master project do make it easy for you to translate.

Some fields will be greyed out as you should only edit them in the master project. Some of those fields are: Targets, Rewards and Category.

Once you are done with your localized version, you can submit it for publishing the very same way you did before. Don't worry as usual we have made sure you are publishing to the crowd only once you are ready. 

Btw, you can not only edit the texts, but also your project picture and post different updates to your different audiencs. We will always show it in the right language. 

Full flexibility. Simple. Smart. Unmatched.