#Schnittfix II

Stuttgart, Germany

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#Schnittfix II. The magic designer knife from the 60s.

#Schnittfix II. The classic and design icon from the 60s. Cutting everything like bread, vegetables, sausage and meat. In equal slizes and absolutely on 'green energy'.

Schnittfix II is the name of a design icon from the 1960s which almost every household in Germany knew by that time.

A multi purpose kitchen knife with an awesome #design and outstanding functionality and performance. YouCan ;) cut bread, meat, sausage and much more. Manufactured in highest quality Made in Germany and with swiss baldes, this knife is your helper for any dish you are preparing. And with no #energy consumption, so truel #GREEN or #BLUE. 


Wir werden das Schnittfix II wieder zum Leben erwecken mit unserem Projekt auf YouCan2.

Detailled Description

See here the orirignal manual of the #Schnittifx II from the 1960s.

The Project Team

IRCC is a Venture Capital and Investment company. We are investing in startupd and people with great ideas and creativity. With this project, we will bring this industrial desing icon back to life with your help.