Support for young SFX MAkeUp Artist

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Support for young SFX MakeUp Artist

Hey, my name is Stella and I'm a SFX (Special Effects) MakeUp Artsist. I am: - from Germany - 16 years old - a student = I don't make money yet... On social media I can be found as Scary Angel SFX or Scary_Angel_SFX where you can see my pictures and videos. So please support me and my big creative dream, thank you.

Hello aigan.

So this is the detailed version:

I really want to improve my skills, so I can get better and better. Maybe this will be my future job but we are not so fare yet.

SFX products are often expensive, for example: good paints, silicone, brushes, sculpting tools, fakeblood and so on.

I want to have the chance to show everybody what I can do and how much I love this, my, way of art.

If you belive in me and what I'm doing, please support me, it would be awesome!

You can find me on Facebook as Sacry Angel SFX and on Instagram as Scary_Angel_SFX .

If you have any questions, write me a message.

I am so excited about my future and the future of this.

The Project Team

Just me, sure my friends and family do support me, but the work is just mine.

Project Risks

I think I can't pay the money back you give me, so if you support me, there is no insurance for you to get the money back.

If you want I can call you my sponsor when I poste pictures with the bought materials but you have to ask me per message first so we can talk about the details. If I don't use the materials or products anymore this agreement will no longer be valid.