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Clicit - the portable smartphone stand

A simple, adjustable and elegant stand for smartphones that can hold your phone in an endless number of positions.

There are so many situations where your phone is used. So many different ways your holding or placing it. But no matter if your are watching movies with a friend, reading the latest news or video chatting with a friend. One hand always has to hold the phone in the position to have a good viewing angle.
Wouldn't it be cool to watch movies without your hand that is going dead? Or to show things to your friend while your video chatting? Wouldn't it be cool to have a small, easy to use gadget, that you can carry around all day and that can hold your phone in an endless number of different positions?
Now, finally, there is a solution for this common problem: Clicit. A simple and elegant stand for smartphones, that can hold it in various positions. It’s adjustable, small and portable and it will revolutionize the way we are (not) holding our phone.
Clicit will make your smartphone use way more comfortable during the day. The awesome design and built quality make Clicit the best stand for your smartphone. In relation to its variety of functions it is also remarkably small and portable. You can always have it with you. It’s a small product with a huge usage possibility that you will need.
The ability to adjust to practical every phone with an edged side plus the valuable, neat and elegant box that comes along makes Clicit the perfect gift for friend and family as well as for employees and business partners. 
Get your Clicit today!
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Detailled Description


Stick it on to the long side of the phone for watching videos. Stick it to the top for a good viewing angle while reading. Or stick it to the bottom of the long side for video chatting. It’s that easy!
Clicit can be used for the iPhones 4, 4S, 5 and 5S and for every other smartphone with an edged side. The reason is its flexibel bolt. Due to that it can also be used for an iPhone with a case!
You don't need any additional tool to adjust the width of Clicit’s groove. Simply click in your phone and Clicit will hold your phone in a stable and secure position.


As I believe in quality, I don't shun any effort or costs to provide you an excellent product quality. Clicit is manufactured in Germany, near Stuttgart. Precious and and precise high-tech CNC milling machines are used to produce the Clicit out of premium-quality aluminum.

The Project Team

Hi! My name is Kai, I’m 19 years old and from Stuttgart.
In the last month I manufactured many prototypes of Clicit by myself, I improved and refined them. I spend a lot of money in product programming and CNC milled prototypes. The development is now final over. Clicit is ready for mass production and ready for sale.
Together with a friend we set up a business plan, took photos and videos of Clicit and started this crowdfunding campaign. With your support we can bring Clicit to the market and make it reality.
Thanks for your support and for sharing!