Books of poetry I - IV

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The long road back to life

Poems that arose due to health circumstances, after a heart attack shortly after the step into self-employment and a newly unpleasant diagnosis, I am forced my life to reorganize and shape.


Books of poetry I - IV

"The long road back to life"

The poems were for the most part with the vocabulary
wrote of everyday life, for people who do not chance
or possibility had with the poetic language way
confront and form of expression, but the melody of poetry,
and rhyming stories and appreciate in
one or the other, poem recognize.

It gives me a concern in today's fast paced world and,
the reader and poem friend to kidnap for a short time from the daily grind.
Tragic events could also be described as dry and hard,
in rhymed form something is taken out, the hardness and tragedy
and the subjects are thus more easily absorbed.

It's a matter of taste whether poems with high intellectual
or were written with simple words,
nevertheless, I believe that every poem,
in whatever form, finds its place in our linguistic culture,
when the feelings or thoughts of the authors,
the reader can thus be brought closer.

Whoever performs a spring,
To compose with thoughts,
while some of us felt,
like mind and soul in harmony.

Perina Andreas

Detailled Description

Dear Readers,

the book titled,
"The long road back to life"

Books of poetry I - IV, consists of the book volumes,
"Soul Chaos", "soul travel"
"Rays of hope" and "thorny road".

The book is available in paperback
(Softcover) 14.8 x 21 cm, includes 140 poems,
partly with pictures or graphics and has 280 pages.
Book price 24,90 €
With every book sold goes, an amount of € 4.-
on the account of - Licht ins Dunkel "emergency aid"
If you have questions contact me at [email protected]
or by calling 0043 664 739 17 038
The achieved through the sale books donation
is the emergency account from light into darkness
paid and in the following days,
the proof of payment on "You Tube" under published.
I ask for your help!
Andreas Perina

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